WCIL Scanner Radio




Here is the frequencies located on the West Central Illinois Scanner Radio website which we keep

updated. Got any frequencies to share please email them to me at wcilscanner@insightbb.com

You will need adobe reader to view these files click on the Icon below to download

this file. It's a Free file to view PDF files

WCIL Scanner Guide - West Central Illinois& North East Missouri  frequencies  and information  (PDF format) Updated 2009


IL State Wide Starcom21 - State wide Starcom21 System Updated 2009


Air Evac Guide - Air Evac frequencies and information. (PDF format)

Sangamon County Springfield, Illinois - Springfield, IL Public Safety Guide

Peoria County Peoria, Illinois - Peoria, IL Scanner Guide

McDonough County Macomb, Illinois - Macomb, IL Scanner guide

South East Iowa Frequency Guide - Frequencies in South East Iowa Lee County Keokuk (PDF format)

DeMoines County Burlington, IA  - Frequencies in Burlington, IA DeMoines County (PDF format)

IL Ham Repeaters - Illinois Amateur Radio Repeaters Frequencies in (PDF format)


Mo Ham Repeaters - Missouri Amateur Radio Repeaters Guide in (PDF format)


IA Ham Repeaters - Iowa Amateur Radio Repeaters Guide in ( PDF format)


Phone Frequencies - Phone frequencies in (PDF format)


Fast food Frequencies - Fast food frequencies in (PDF format)


Other Radio Frequencies Guide - List of other frequencies, Murs, GMRS, FRS, Vlink and more (PDF format)


Maritime Frequencies - Maritime Frequencies in (PDF format)


WCIL & NEMO Air Freqs - West Central Illinois & North East Missouri Air Craft Freqs (PDF format)


Illinois Rail Scan Frequencies - Railroad frequencies in IL (PDF format)


Top Secret Government - Top secret radio frequencies of all US GOVERNMENT AGENCY'S (PDF format)


NASCAR 2007 Racing Frequencies - 2007 Nextel, 2007 Bush and Craftsman Truck (PDF Format)

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