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Quincy Police codes

Here is the codes for Quincy police to follow the action


Quincy, IL Police

Visit Quincy's Police


Adams County Sheriff

Visit Adams County

sheriff Dept

Quincy Forum

A Place for people who

live in Quincy


Quincy Cam

A live cam in Quincy


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We are now on Radio Refrence 24/7  look for info below and look for us!



You are listening to West Central Illinois Scanner Radio live located in Quincy, IL. The live feed is fed from a Radio Shack pro2051 1000 channel triple trunking scanner. The antenna is a Radio Antenna craft St-2

antenna up 25 ft. This feed is available via Radio Reference Server. This stream is not actively monitored so interruptions are possible. I will correct any problems soon as possible! Click on the Radio Reference banner for more scanner feeds.


Visit our main scanner site wcilscanner.home.comcast.net


Here is a list of what you are listening too on WCIL Live Scanner

                                 Illinois                            Missouri

Quincy Police  Priority Channel1- 155.625

Hannibal Police Priority Channel - 155.580

Quincy Police F8 154.875 Hannibal Police  - 155.250
Quincy Police investigations - 154.830 Hannibal Police - 156.030
Quincy Police Mobile extenders - 153.905 Marion County Sheriff - 154.725

Adams County Sheriff   - 155.745

Missouri Sheriff Net - 155.730
Adams County Jail  -   154.1150 Clark County Sheriff - 156.150
IREACH - 155.055 Lagrange Police - 155.955
Police High band point - 155.370 Canton Police - 154.980
Illinois State police high band - 154.680 Marion County Ambulance - 155.865
ISPERN - 155.475 Lewis County Ambulance - 155.940
Illinois State Police low band Base - 42.62 Hannibal Rural Fire Dept - 154.280
Illinois State low band mobile 42.68 Hannibal Fire Dept - 154.130
Illinois State Police Weather Channel - 42.500 Missouri DOT - 151.070
Hancock County Sheriff - 155.415 Missouri Conservation Police - 151.370
Brown County Sheriff - 155.790 Missouri Civil Defense - 155.220
Pike County Sheriff - 154.780  
Pike County Sheriff F6 - 159.060  
Med Force One - 462.9500  
Adams County Sheriff Mobile Extender -154.770  
Ambulance to Hospital -155.340  
Adams County Ambulance - 153.755  
Air Evac Nation Wide - 151.505  
Quincy Fire Dept - 154.310  
Adams County IFERN - 154.265  
Quincy Multiple Depts. - 155.805  
Pike County Multiple Repeater - 155.1000  
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  Home Page

Missouri 10 codes

These are the codes for MO to follow the actions


Hannibal, MO Police

Visit Hannibal's police website


Hannibal forums

Towntalk a message board in Hannibal, Mo


Hannibal Cam

Located in Hannibal, Missouri on Main Street is the "HannibalCam


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